Goin’ to Graceland!

With a bit of a sad heart we said Goodbye to Nashville – a place that will hold some amazing memories for us. What a week it has been: an amazing concert, meeting a long time musical hero, and spending an evening at the Grand Ole Opry – and we got to do all of it together. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

After a day of meandering through the Tennessee countryside, music on the radio, watching the world roll by, we arrived in Memphis.  It is a different city than Nashville is: a bit poorer, a bit smaller, a totally different vibe.  The feel here is a bit more gritty, from the downtown the city moves much more quickly to poverty than Nashville did. The drive from the downtown to Graceland is through a very poor part of town – something I’m sure was not the case when Elvis bought his estate back in 1957.

We toured the downtown in our truck – drove past Beale Street and the Gibson factory – we’ll do a walking tour of these on Wednesday – but tomorrow is reserved for Graceland.  We stopped outside the gates tonight and got a few pictures of Graceland after dark – it’s beautiful – and there is a stone fence in front that many visitors have signed and dated.  On one hand it is kind of unfortunate that the fence is defaced, but on the other hand it’s pretty amazing to see how many people have come to visit Graceland.

After touring a bit we decided to go for supper and what was on the menu tonight? We decided to try something DSCN1173.JPGdifferent and went to Marlow’s for Bar-B-Q  😉  It was very good – maybe not as good as Martin’s in Nashville, but it was still very good. As Warren says: You can’t go wrong with smoked dead pig. This restaurant has a giant pink pig outside and if you call them, they will send a pink pig limo out to pick you up!  Very cool indeed!

When we were so full we could hardly move, we headed back to the hotel – we need to be well rested for our adventures tomorrow: We’re going to Graceland, Memphis Tennessee  🙂

Stay tuned!


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