Sudbury, Ontario

 After leaving Duluth this morning, through sheer stubbornness we decided to tack another 3 hours of driving onto the day and push on to Sudbury instead of stopping in Sault Ste Marie. 

Before we crossed into Canada though, we did stop at Marquette on Lake Superior so I could dip my toe in the lake – it’s a tradition that I’ve carried out the previous 3 times I’ve gone around the lake. 

We parked at a rest stop and I started down the bank to the lake. The scrubby grass quickly turned into very soft sand, and I had to take my sandals off to navigate it.  I flailed a wee bit but finally managed to get down to the beach. I pulled up my pant legs and stepped bravely into the Very cold water and stood shivering while I waited for Roz to snap a picture. 

Finally, photo shoot done, I started back up the bank towards the truck. Uh oh. The sand that had been soft going down was super soft on my way back up. Almost impossible to get through, but not quite. I ended up on feet and hands, unceremoniously hauling myself up the bank. Roz, who had come down on the beach behind me was laughing at my difficulty and snapping a ton of pictures. Well, Karma got her in the end as she also wiped out and landed on her back in the sand. Ha!

I’m glad to be back in Canada and glad to be almost back in Guelph. Driving is a double edged sword now: on one hand it keeps me busy and focused on my task; on the other hand I can’t believe he’s not with me in that truck.  So many adventures with Mr McLeod…

You know, once you wiggle that butt of yours down to the passport office, we can go to the states and you can dip that toe in the other side of Lake Superior”

It hurt my heart to be doing it without him, but it had to be done. My life got bigger by having him in it: I can’t let it get small again… 

Tomorrow I drop Roslyn off in Madoc and then continue the last few hours on my own. The last leg of my trip will be me alone and so different from where I was on March 19th when this whole crazy adventure started. Alone physically, but not in spirit. 

I miss you my Bear. 


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