Swift Current, SK

We started out from Calgary at about 12:30 and drove straight through to Swift Current Saskatchewan. 

It was different travelling without Warren – I missed holding his hand and chatting about the things we were seeing.  But it felt,  not good… but familiar – to be back on the road, Ursula eating up the miles. 
I had moments when I felt ok again, and then guilt and sadness would coming rushing back in.  It feels wrong to be continuing on without him. 

Roslyn is a good co-pilot. She kept my spirits up when they started to flag; let me ramble on aimlessly about the adventures Warren and I had. Gathered me up when the sorrow pulled me apart. 

Tomorrow we are going to cross the border into the US again – it cuts a day off our travel time if we go under Lake Superior instead of over it – and we are heading towards Fargo ND.  In true Warren Style, I chose this destination because of the movie. I’ll get a picture of me with the sign – carry on our tradition, right?

A hard journey – but he taught me much about living each day for the adventures it could bring. He made me brave. 

Miss you my Bear. 

Stay tuned, 


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