Setting out again

This morning I climb back in Ursula and turn the truck east again. I need to get back to Guelph and oversee the packing and finishing up of my move… although where is my stuff going now? Good question. Luckily I have a large family that has assured me I won’t have to live in my truck.  

My friend Roslyn flew out to accompany me on this leg of the trip.  It’s hard to do this without Warren – we were excited about continuing our life together after our adventure – but life changed things unexpectedly. 

And that’s the way life goes. 

I’ll keep the blog updated until I reach Guelph – he’d be encouraging me to do so.  For such a private man, he loved that we were writing about our adventures for you. 

So stay tuned


Published by

Sandra Kenyon

I've upended my life and moved all the way across the nation! Stay tuned for new adventures, but in the meantime I will be posting my flash fiction stories for your review :) I hope you enjoy what you read!

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