We’re across the Border!


After a delayed start – we sorely needed sustenance – we set off on the first leg of our adventure! We toured through Ariss and Gadshill on our way to Stratford. After a brief tour and a visit to the Stratford Tim Horton’s, we decided that Warren needed to see Lake Huron and Goderich. In Goderich we stopped to see the salt mine and the ships in the harbour where we took a couple of pictures before the cold wind sent us back to the truck to get warm.

After zooming around Goderich (really that traffic circle around the courthouse is pretty fun!) we jumped on to secondary hwy 21 and followed the edge of Lake Huron to the crossing at Sarnia.  Despite Sandy’s attempts to find something to worry about, the border was not an issue – a few perfunctory questions and we were on our way!

Our first stop was Tony’s gas station to pick up a map (they didn’t have one) make a pit stop, and grab a snack.  We eventually made it to LaPeer in Michigan where we decided to stay for the night.  We found a room in the Best Western, a huge room with a wet bar – it was pretty cool!  We freshened up and headed to the Blind Fish Restaurant where Warren enjoyed a 16oz prime rib and Sandy had lambchops, generous portions and deliciously prepared – it was fucking wonderful  🙂

So now we’ve hunkered down for the night and are planning our attack for tomorrow. We will be spending a bit of time exploring Flint Michigan, but will not be drinking the water.  We also need to find a map somewhere – google is great from point A to point B but when you just want to explore, navigating that electronic map is a pain in the ass…

Ursula is really getting a work out!





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