Bombay Beach, California

Today we headed off to California – Warren needed to show me the sea.  It turns out that there is a sea in Southern California called the Salton Sea – it has a long and interesting history and I encourage you to follow the link.  Basically though, through an engineering accident, the dead seabed was suddenly filled with water from the Colorado river and people built around the inland lake and it was, for a short period, a busy  little tourist area.  Unfortunately things changed and the lake became salty – too salty – and it started to evaporate which made it stink and the fish started to die and this was not good for tourism.  Eventually no one was left and the towns and resorts around the sea fell into decay.

We parked and walked on the sand above the beach and the smell was indeed awful.  The combination of stagnant water and decaying fish was pretty horrible.  As we stood there we realized it was absolutely silent – we couldn’t hear any birds or waves or anything just… silence. It was very creepy.  Along the shore of the beach, behind the dike, there is what remains of the town of Bombay Beach.  There are rows of holiday trailers and some permanent houses that are almost all abandoned.


There are a few residences that are occupied and the people who live there have taken great pains to make it home.  We saw the Bombay Beach Opera House, The Hermitage, and the Bombay Beach Drive-In, all quirky, but well cared for.  In the picture below you see the Drive-In, the white ‘screen’ on the left is actually the side of an old trailer. I like to think that the people who live there sit in the cars to watch the movies that are projected on the ‘screen’.  Warren didn’t think so but I’m choosing to believe that I’m right  🙂


The town had a restaurant (closed) and a fire department – which actually seemed to be viable. IMG_4888The whole town was a weird mix of building and decay.  I think it would take a very interesting person to live there.

DSCN1894.JPGAfter spending some time there, we headed back to Yuma.  We saw the army on maneuvers in the Army Proving grounds. AND We saw a UFO that turned out just to be an FO… We thought this must have something to do with the soldiers on maneuvers but who knows? Maybe it was a UFO!

As we got almost to Yuma the sun was setting and the colours were spectacular.  The sight of the palm trees studding the horizon with the beautiful pink and mauve behind them was gorgeous.  I took many pictures… some of them turned out.

Tomorrows adventures have yet to be decided but stay tuned!


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