We drove till we hit the wall

Well, now we’re in Yuma  🙂  We decided it had to be visited – Warren has been here a few times before and he wanted to see it again. But before we did that we did a drive by of Uncle Bob & Aunt Muriel’s house where I had stayed with them when I visited for my 21st birthday.  With the help of my cousin Kathy we had the address and it was easy to find the house. DSCN1693.JPGThe house has had a bit of a renovation, but it was easy to see the house that I visited even underneath the changes.  Warren took a couple of pictures and I told him what fun that summer had been.  After a last look, we turned the car towards Yuma.

When we’d been on the road for a while we decided to stop in Buckeye az for breakfast.  It’s a pretty small town so we weren’t sure if we could find a place or not, but luckily we spied the Wild West Cowboy Steakhouse.DSCN1698.JPG  It was small but served breakfast all day so we gave it a shot.  It was really cute and the food was excellent! The tables were made of finished planks in a picnic table style, and we each got a bench to sit on. The restaurant was busy and we knew why as soon as the food arrived – Warren had huevos rancheros and I had scrambled eggs and bacon and they were both delicious. Once we had stuffed ourselves we got back on the road.

Travelling through the Sonoran desert we saw much scrub brush, cactus, sand and rock. It was hot.  It got to 39C (that’s 98F)  and even with the air conditioning at full blast the car was hot. DSCN1700.JPGWhen we stopped for gas and some drinks, the air outside was like stepping into an oven but since the heat was so dry and there was a bit of a breeze it was easy to be outside – as long as we stayed in the shade.

Finally we got to Yuma and what a charming city it is.  We cruised the main drag, saw the military base and watched a hornet (a jet) do some maneuvers.  The town had changed a bit since Warren was here two years ago and after we had checked into our hotel, we got back in the truck and checked out the downtown. Yuma has a pretty thriving arts community from the look of the place – there’s an art gallery, a museum, a couple of coffee shops, a store called The Artsy Fartsy place – all of this is waiting to be explored tomorrow  🙂

We then headed over a bridge and VOILA! we were in California!  We cruised out into the countryside for a while and suddenly were surrounded by palm trees.  Warren took me to the Imperial Date farm and we cruised through acres of giant date palm trees. DSCN1743.JPGI had no idea that there was this type of agriculture going on in the Sonoran desert.  We also saw grain crops like barley and wheat, and some other crops that might have been beans, as well as hay.  Fascinating to think this is all coming out of a desert.

We drove to San Luis on the border of Arizona and Mexico to see the crossing from the U.S. to Mexico.  The town is a typical border town – busy, lots of people and traffic for the size.  The border wall was tall and dark brown – easily visible and not something you want to go too close to if you are not trying to get in trouble with the border patrol. DSCN1752.JPGWe watched the people going to and fro across the border. I was amazed at how many people there were. Warren took us a bit further down the road, away from the crossing point, and we got as close to the wall as we dared.  Frankly, we were too close for me, but Warren is a bit braver than I am.  We took a few pictures and then went back to the border crossing.  I have no idea what President Trump is talking about when he says they need a better wall – this one is big and intimidating and seemed quite well controlled.

When we got back to Yuma we had some dinner then went for a walk in the warm dark Arizona evening.  It was beautiful to be able to stroll holding hands in the warm air under the palm and orange trees. Very romantic  🙂

Tomorrow we are going to the historic Yuma territorial prison and we might go to Mexico to do some shopping – we’ll see what appeals to us, which is also dependant on the weather.

Stay tuned!


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  1. That house doesn’t look at all like I remember it. I’ll show the picture to dad. He remembered the restaurant.

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