Palm trees as far as the eye can see

Today was our second day in Phoenix and I am a day behind in my blog updates – so I will cover two days in one post  🙂

Day 1!

Friday we woke up bright and early and headed out to greet the day – this warm, warm weather cannot be wasted!  After a quick breakfast we headed down to Old Scottsdale to do some shopping and touristy things.  The area around Scottsdale is beautiful – palm trees and flowering shrubs and art everywhere.  DSCN1669.JPGAlso, I have never seen so many jewellery stores in one place before – honestly, every other store was selling some form of jewellery.  So of course I had to buy some things – two jade and hematite anklets, and a leather belt for Warren.  Ok, belts are not really jewellery but… accessories count, right?

After walking several blocks we got some sodas and sat on a bench outside in the sun. We baked in the sun, and we people watched – it was a great way to spend time with my sweetheart.  Amazing the number of SUV’s we saw – seems to be the vehicle of choice for the well heeled american. When we had baked enough, we continued strolling through the shops – did I need a wallet? Maybe… but couldn’t find the exactly right one. Did Warren need a shirt? Nope. We window shopped at the plant store – we can’t bring plants over the border which, really, is good because Ursula would have been full.  I don’t think cactus and palm trees would last very long in Alberta though. Eventually we made it back to Ursula and were grateful to be back in the air conditioning.

By this time it was about 36C and that is a bit too hot to be outside so we headed to the mall and found our favourite clothing store – for me 🙂  We bought another excellent shirt and some capri  pants and once again Warren charmed all the sales clerks by shopping with me rather than just waiting.  I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: Warren is the MOST fun person to shop with.

Finally, it was about time for dinner and we headed to an Old Country buffet because buffets are yummy and always excellent people watching venues.  Forget ‘The People of Walmart’ website, there should be a ‘People of Buffets’ website.  People of all shapes, sizes, and socio-economic status appear at these american buffets and it’s interesting to see how they approach the food.  I’m used to a fairly orderly progression – people waiting their turn, going up one side and down the next… but here it’s kind of a free-for-all. People eat dessert first (well why not?), zig zag from one set of buffet tables to the next (really annoying), some people do their best to empty their favourite tray onto their plate when the food comes out… it’s amazing.  Warren and I usually follow the same pattern: Warren has salad first, maybe soup if it’s good.  Then back for the main course, meat and veggies and potatoes.  Then dessert and it’s Always ice cream that grabs him.  I follow a similar pattern – salad first, never soup, and then back for the main course.  I also do dessert but for me it’s less likely to be ice cream and almost always cheese cake or anything (except jello) that has whipped cream.

Once we had gorged ourselves we went back to the hotel and went to bed. We had big plans for day two in Phoenix.

Day 2!

Today we got up early again and had breakfast at Denny’s. The people at the next table had the cutest babies – one was a little boy about 9 months old, the other was a little girl who was maybe 18 months old? Warren was smiling and winking at her which of course made her smile until she realized she was smiling then she started smooshing her head into her mom and whining… we felt bad about ruining their breakfast but glad we didn’t have kids to ruin ours  🙂

After breakfast we headed to Chandler Tumbleweed Park to visit the vintage crafts and vintage car show – something for everyone!  It was quite nice and the sky was sunny and cloudless – but no breeze.  We saw some really nice cars and trucks. In particular a ’48 Ford pick up just like the one that Warren has at home – it was immaculately restored and the man who owned it was happy to talk to us at length about the work he’d done on it.  One of the things I like the most about these small shows is how passionate the people are about their automobiles and how enthusiastic they are to share this passion with you if you stop to ask.  We were there in time for judging and a Shelby cobra kit car the winner.  It wasn’t what either of us would have chosen but it was the people’s choice  🙂 Finally I had to leave, the heat was lovely but without a breeze I was starting to fade fast…

Once we were back in Ursula, we headed to Martin’s Auto Museum next which was indoors and very nicely air conditioned.  Its a really good museum with some really rare vehicles – a great place to stop if you are interested in vintage vehicles.

Then for supper tonight we went to a very special restaurant.  When I was 20 years old, I spent a few weeks in Phoenix with my Aunt Muriel and my Uncle Bob and they took me to Rustler’s Rooste – a really fantastic steak house – for my 21st birthday party. After telling Warren about this restaurant we decided to go and see if it still  existed. It had been 34 years since I’d been there after all.  Well, it still exists and is going strong so we decided to go for supper.  We could not get reservations since they only take so many a night and we’d missed the cut, But we headed up there anyway and decided to wait. For an hour. sigh.  We got to wait outside with Horney the Bull (yep… that’s his name) and people watch.  Just as we had given up hope they texted us – we had a table!IMG_0854 2.JPGRustler’s Rooste is a cowboy restaurant – a log building with their own house band and the BEST steak to be had.  Although we had to wait for a table, when we finally did get seated, it was worth every second of the wait. Rustler’s sits on top of a mesa and we lucked out with a table at the window: the view of Phoenix at night was fantastic. There were lights as far as the eye could see. After taking that all in, Warren commented on the fact that it said a lot about the restaurant that it was still here 34 years after my 21st birthday.  Well.  That’s a bit sobering.  Then I realized that when I was here last, our chirpy, friendly little waitress would not even have been born.  That’s a bit more sobering.  Of course, Warren grinning from ear to ear while he watched this sad fact sink in to my aging head didn’t help at all…

Luckily at just that moment the baby waitress came with our steaks and distracted me. The food was fantastic. The company was great.  The band was probably the same band that was there when I was 21… LOL.  But they were pretty good.  Over all it was a very romantic evening, despite the fact that I’m getting old.

Or maybe because of it  🙂

Tomorrow we leave Phoenix and are heading to Yuma Az to stay for one night.

Stay tuned!


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