Heading west.

We woke up to bright sunshine and clear skies in Santa Rosa, NM. After a delicious breakfast we headed over to Route 66 Classic Car Museum down the street.  This is a privately owned collection of Classic and Collector cars and assorted Route 66 paraphernalia and one of the best car museums I’ve seen. DSCN1521.JPGSome of the cars are restored to their original state, the rest have been customized, but either way they are pretty awesome. After drooling over cars for a while we bought some souvenirs and got back on the road.

The ruggedness of the landscape was still amazing to see today.  So many coulees and canyons, and there were cactus, shrubs and small trees everywhere. We stopped at a roadside rest stop and explored a bit – the sign warning us to watch for snakes gave me pause – especially since there are rattlesnakes in the desert.  Warren reassured me that he could probably get me to the hospital before I died from a snake bite, but he didn’t sound really convinced so I got back in the truck and we got back on the road.

There were dozens of trucks on the interstate and aside from the scenery there isn’t much to relate.  At one point I remarked that it would be awful to have done this trip in a covered wagon and Warren replied ‘we’ve passed a half dozen already this morning’ I looked at him, puzzled and  he pDSCN1550.JPGointed to this, which i suppose, is indeed the 2017 version of a covered wagon.  Much nicer than the buckboards of yesteryear  🙂

Eventually we got to Albuquerque NM and we stopped for a little maintenance:  Ursula needed her oil changed and a bit of a wash, and I needed my fingers and toes done again. So Warren dropped me off for a quick mani-pedi and took the truck off to be freshened up.  Not a glamorous task but a really necessary one.

By nightfall we reached Gallup NM, a very long city, sprawling beside the interstate. We were glad to reach here – the drive was long and we were battling a constant wind which for us wasn’t so bad, but for all the 18 wheelers on the road it was quite an obstacle.  We were tired and ready to settle in when we reached town.

Tomorrow we are heading for Winslow Arizona – can you guess why?

Stay tuned!





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Sandy Kenyon

It has been a chaotic and heartbreaking year. But I'm climbing back out of this chaos, bent on carving a new path using all the things I have learned. Stay tuned for new stories :) I hope you enjoy what you read!

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