T is for Texas

We woke up in Stroud to some gloomy weather – clouds everywhere, some showers and it was only 20C – not great but still not snow so we were happy.  We went into the restaurant at the Cattle Country lodge where we stayed last night and had breakfast – 2 eggs, sausage, hash browns, biscuits and gravy for $3.99. Seriously – when was the last time you had a home cooked breakfast for $3.99? It was a leisurely dinner and while we were eating another patron came in for his breakfast – he was wearing a holster with a gun in it, an extra round of bullets and two knives.  Pretty run of the mill for this part of the country but I was a bit taken aback.  He seated himself, chatted withDSCN1362.JPG the waitress and ordered his breakfast just as if he wasn’t armed to the teeth.  I was amazed.

After breakfast we turned Ursula towards Oklahoma City but first we did a side trip to Cushing Oklahoma – the pipeline crossroads of the world, see?

We drove through part of the tank farm where giant tanks of oil are stored.  It was huge. We drove through and took a few snapshots like the one below and then Warren said ‘Huh… Looks like we’re being followed by security’ I looked and indeed a white security truck was behind us. A few seconds later the lights came on and we had to pull over.  The young man who came up to the window asked us what we were doing and Warren explained we were just a couple of Canadians coming to see where our oil went. He was friendly but explained that taking pictures of the tank farm was a federal offence (Yikes!) and that we needed to stop doing that.  He then asked for Warren’s id and photographed it.  We said that we were just leaving and he went back to his truck and followed us out of the area then turned around and went back.  Oddly, he did not ask us to delete the snapshots so here’s one below and a video!- enjoy our ill-gotten booty!



After our brush with the law, we took it on the lam and headed to Oklahoma City.  There we saw the state capital – a big and, well, stately building.  Then we tried to get back on Route 66 and head toward Texas but it was difficult.  A heads up to Oklahoma City:  People come from all over to follow Route 66… your signage needs a bit of help.  Sigh.

So we jumped on the interstate and after a drive through some very flat country we got to Texas! It was very exciting to see the sign for the state line.  We got off the interstate and back on to Route 66 which took us straight into Shamrock Texas – the home of Big Vern’s Steak House – a stop Warren had been looking forward to ever since we left.  We checked into our hotel and then walked the two blocks up to Vern’s. Big Vern’s is an old farmhouse converted to a steak house – it sits on the edge of Route 66 under a couple of 100 year old trees. I ordered the 12 oz ribeye and it was the best steak I’ve had in a very long time. Warren was a little disappointed that they no longer had potato casserole as he had really been looking forward to it, but I’ve looked it up and saved the recipe here to make at a later date  🙂

After dinner we strolled to the garage across the street – one of the sites preserved along Route 66 – very cool to see the old architecture so well preserved.  Then we headed back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we get back on the road and head off to New Mexico – we’re travelling across the Texas Panhandle so it shouldn’t take too long to get there.

Stay tuned!



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Sandy Kenyon

It has been a chaotic and heartbreaking year. But I'm climbing back out of this chaos, bent on carving a new path using all the things I have learned. Stay tuned for new stories :) I hope you enjoy what you read!

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