We Got our Kicks on Route 66!

Sunday dawned gloomy and wet – torrential even: Arkansas is one of those places where severe weather happens.  But we got our butts in gear and headed out for breakfast and to plan our day.  After breakfast, we left Fort Smith and headed west and were soon in Oklahoma. Although I did START to sing the theme song to Oklahoma! it was evident from Warren’s horrified expression that perhaps I should just stick with hearing the song in my head.

The weather stayed in Arkansas for a while, and we had sun and warmth for most of our tour through Oklahoma – it stayed around 26C. 🙂  Oklahoma is beautiful as you cross the Border by Arkansas but as you get further west it flattens out and starts to look a lot like, well, flat land.  There are tons of waterways though and we saw many turtles which was great.

We headed to was Muskogee Oklahoma to see if there are any tributesDSCN1335.JPG to Merle Haggard there becauses of his hit song and although we scoured the town, all we found was a one block road called Merle Haggard Avenue.  We were quite disappointed but what can you do?  Well, take a picture of course.

Then we turned Ursula westward (well south west first I believe) and then set our sights on Tulsa Ok, just because we’ve never been there and because of the Don William’s song Tulsa Time . It was an interesting town – a bit like many of the towns we’ve been through, but now it’s added to the list of places we’ve been to.

We left Tulsa and took the historical Route 66 towards Oklahoma City.  We passed through some interesting little towns: Sapulpa, Bristow, Depew, and ended up in Stroud.  Many of the small towns had the same sort of poverty that we’ve seen all the way through this trip.  When you get to the larger cities it is hard to reconcile the sadness that you see in the rural areas to the prosperity that abounds in the larger cities. –  The Donald was very clever tellingDSCN1356.JPG rural america that he was going to Make America Great Again… I understand why it resonated with them.  It also explained this building we saw in Bristow Ok.

After Bristow we carried on and ended up in Stroud.  Stroud is a small town – sort of like Olds Ab really – and we found a lovely little hotel for the evening. Once checked in we went out to dinner and had a very traditional Easter Dinner of Carnitas at a Mexican restaurant  🙂  It was delicious.

Tomorrow we continue our travels west to Oklahoma City and hopefully the weather will continue to stay warm and sunny.

Stay tuned!


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