We saw Arkansas

So I just published yesterday’s post today – we had internet problems so I couldn’t get it published yesterday.  But no worries – that means today I get to post twice  🙂

We drove all the way from Forrest City, Arkansas to Fort Smith, Arkansas with a short stop in Little Rock just for flavour.  I was surprised by two things from our trip through rural Arkansas: it has way more trees and water/swamp than I thought it would, and there are Armadillos here!  I had no idea! Of course I only saw the dead ones at the side of the road, but they were indeed Armadillos.  Warren was somewhat nonplussed by how excited I got about the roadkill but he’s getting acclimated to the quirkiness that is me.  I also saw Many turtles and egrets – it’s really fascinating to see how different the flora and fauna is from home.

In Little Rock we saw the State Capital – quite an imposing building indeed.  Not much to say about Little Rock other than it is clearly more prosperous than the other towns we were in (as befits a state capital I suppose).  The farms seem to be doing well but the houses in the small towns tended to be much less affluent that in Little Rock.  The vast difference between the haves and the have nots has been very noticeable in our travels – much different than it is at home.

We finally cruised into Fort Smith at about suppertime and we checked into the hotel then went back out for supper.  We’ll be in bed early tonight – for some reason just sitting in the truck all day is exhausting. Tomorrow we’re going to stop somewhere for a walk – just to keep the fitbit happy – well, and as part of the McLeod Bootcamp.   😉

Tomorrow we continue west!

Stay tuned!


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Sandy Kenyon

It has been a chaotic and heartbreaking year. But I'm climbing back out of this chaos, bent on carving a new path using all the things I have learned. Stay tuned for new stories :) I hope you enjoy what you read!

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