It wasn’t my fault.

Today we woke up late.  Now, I’m not blaming anyone because that’s just not the adult thing to do. We’ll just assume We had A Reasonable REasoto be late, ok? When we DID finally get outside we diScovered that it was raining and Late and wE decided to PosTpone  Graceland today. We’re flexIble persoNs.

After a quick breakfast at the ihop (come on,  you knew that’s what would be next) we went to Sun Records – the birthplace of Rock and Roll!  I was surprised at how tiny the premises were – given the fact that this was where music changed forever, I expected something a little more momentous. Our guide was really fantastic – her name was Lana and she was full of info about the history of the place and also very funny.  We started out in the museum upstairs from the studio where we learned about the evolution of rock, then we got to go downstairs to the actual studio where all the music was recorded. It was pretty amazing to be standing in the same room where Elvis recorded his first song ‘Happiness’, and where Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins and Elvis jammed together.  There were little pieces of history everywhere: guitars that were used in various recordings lined up against the wall, the upright bass that was used in so many songs, and the drum kit from U2 when they recorded Rattle & Hum at Sun Records in the ’90’s.  The ‘x’ where Elvis stood to record his music is still on the floor, as is his microphone – we have pictures but they aren’t cooperating – I’ll add them tomorrow.

After the tour and traditional T-shirt purchasing, we decided to go for a drive – it was still too rainy to go for a walk (according to Sandy’s whines…)  So we zoomed across the state line to fill the truck and to say we’d been to Arkansas.  Then we went back to Tennessee and headed to the mall – what else can you do on a rainy day? After spending too much at Pandora and Dilliard’s we headed back to our end of town to start looking for a supper place.  Because Warren is pretty cool, he suggested we go have steaks in Mississippi.  Why not?  So we zipped to Mississippi to a steak house and had dinner.  So: Breakfast in Tennessee, gassed up the truck in Arkansas, and had supper in Mississippi.  A three state day  🙂

So tomorrow really will be our visit to Graceland and I guarantee we’ll get up on time because, hey, we have to see the home of the King before we leave Memphis!

Stay tuned!


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Sandy Kenyon

It has been a chaotic and heartbreaking year. But I'm climbing back out of this chaos, bent on carving a new path using all the things I have learned. Stay tuned for new stories :) I hope you enjoy what you read!

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