A funny thing Happened at the Ihop!

Today was a pretty fantastic day.  We were still pretty happy from the concert last night (did I mention how awesome it was? It was very awesome!) and so we headed out, as usual, to have breakfast at – where else? – the Ihop.  Now, normally this isn’t such a big event, I mean, it’s breakfast right?  But today it was something JUST a little different.

We got to the restaurant and waited to be seated – nothing unusual there – then while I reviewed the menu (Warren almost always gets the same thing) Warren people watched.  After we ordered I realized that something had really captured Warren’s interest – he kept turning and looking at the table kitty corner to us. Then he’d look at me with this unusually excited look on his face, then look back again.  I looked at the table – meh, 4 middle aged men (ok, maybe more than middle aged) waiting to order… I looked a question at him and he grinned and said ‘I’m sure that’s John Hiatt!’.  Now, I’m not as big a John Hiatt fan as Warren is so couldn’t say definitively that it was or wasn’t him, but I had to admit the idea that John Hiatt would be at the Ihop on a Friday morning seemed… unlikely.  ‘Are you sure?’ I asked.  He grinned and said ‘yeah. The guy in blue’. I looked and was still a bit dubious.  Yes, he was of the correct vintage but it just seemed like 4 old guys eating breakfast.

We then engaged in some pretty focused eavesdropping and it sure sounded like this was a music person… but he seemed quite quiet and didn’t have the big ego you might expect from an entertainer.  However, when he referred to the birth of his daughter Georgia, even I was convinced.

How exciting! Of course the Squirrel in Sandy wanted to zoom over right away and introduce herself but Warren, being a person of much more self restraint suggested that we would NOT interrupt anyone while they were eating a meal with friends.

Humph. Fine.

We finished our meal and with some artful delaying tactics by Sandy we managed to end up at the checkout at the same time that Mr Hiatt was paying his bill. 🙂   He was gracious and chatted for a few minutes – talked about hockey and inquired as to why we were in Nashville – and willingly posed for the picture above.

So: Best concert ever Thursday night. Breakfast with John Hiatt on Friday morning.

Life is good.

Stay tuned!


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Sandy Kenyon

It has been a chaotic and heartbreaking year. But I'm climbing back out of this chaos, bent on carving a new path using all the things I have learned. Stay tuned for new stories :) I hope you enjoy what you read!

2 thoughts on “A funny thing Happened at the Ihop!”

  1. Ok, we’re driving home from the cabin & I just caught a glimpse of a golden retriever losing his mind over bubbles in somebody’s yard. I didn’t see who was blowing the bubbles, but the golden was tearing around the yard trying to catch them. It was so quick – just a couple of seconds. I bet you’ve had some interesting couple-of-second glimpses into peoples’ lives these past few weeks!

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