Country Music Hall of Fame!

Today was a beautiful day in Nashville.  The sun was shining, the temperature reached a balmy 79 degrees (that’s about 28C) and we were ready to roll by the crack of 11. After breakfast at ihop (where else!?) we headed downtown to the Country Music Hall of Fame.  The exhibits were great – we saw guitars and costumes and journals – it was fascinating to see the lyrics of songs so familiar to us now, scribbled on foolscap or scraps of paper. Amazing that such big hits might start from such humble beginnings. We saw Elvis’s golden cadillac which was detailed in real gold, and Webb Pierce’s ’61 Pontiac Bonneville that had tooled leather seats and pearl handled revolvers for doorhandles.  It was pretty gaudy to be honest.  Then we continued down the next 2 floors looking at the exhibits and ended in the rotunda where all the Hall of Fame plaques are.  It was an interesting visit and so much information to take in.

When we got back down to the main floor we did a little bit of shopping in the gift shop then got a couple of sodas and sat outside on the patio.  There is nothing quite as nice as sitting in the sun in Nashville on a Tuesday, drinking a cold pop with your sweetie and enjoying the 79 degree weather.

Once we’d finished our drinks we meandered back out onto the street and did a bit more sight seeing.  We stopped at the Symphony Orchestra building and looked at the gardens there – a quiet oasis in a very busy city.  I sat beside the fountain in front of the building and enjoyed the cool spray. DSCN0949.JPGThen we hiked back to lower Broadway and took another tour of the downtown.  The music was in full swing even at 4 in the afternoon and we heard a couple of really good musicians.

Finally we made our way back to Ursula.  When we parked her across from the Music Civic Centre that morning it really didn’t seem like it was that far away from where we wanted to be.  However, hot sun, a museum visit and a very large hill made it seem much further away at the end of the day.  Warren was fine, but I really felt every step of that hill.  Oh well, my fitbit was happy with my work out  🙂

Once we were back in Ursula, we decided to see the last home of Johnny Cash.  Johnny and June Cash had lived in Hendersonville for 35 years, until they died 4 months apart in 2003.  The house burned down in 2007 and now the lot and what remains of the estate is for sale. When we found the remains of the estate it was still surrounded by a huge fence and 24 hour security.  We parked and got out to take a few pictures – being respectful of fences.  The property would have been beautiful when the house was there – the view of the lake was spectacular.  After snapping a few shots we headed back on the highway and started our search for supper.

Tonights dinner ended up being at The Golden Corral – another buffet joint.  It was HUGE but had all kinds of excellent food to choose from: a huge salad bar, chicken, pork, beef, all the side dishes you could think of, ice cream, pie, cake, a chocolate fountain… well, I did my best, and we were so full that it was definitely time to head back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we tour the Ryman Theatre – I can’t wait to see the original Grand Ole Opry!

Stay tuned!


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