We walked the line.

Day 1 in Nashville started with rain. It could not dampen our enthusiasm, however – mostly because by the time we got our asses in gear the rain had stopped.  The rain was being pushed into our area by some tornado weather in Texas so we didn’t feel the rain was such a bad thing – certainly better than a tornado.

We headed off to the ihop but found that there was a 20 min wait.  This was a bit puzzling since the restaurant was basically empty but the waiting area was full. After observing the staff for a while we realized that either the boss had quit and no one was really managing the store, or this was the worst run ihop on the planet.  Many more people came in while we were waiting and not one of the people in front of us were seated. The receptionist did not seem to care about this situation at all and after about 10 minutes we decided that this was not the ihop for us.  We hopped back into Ursula and headed to the Waffle House.  Yes, we do have a breakfast theme – the closer our breakfast venue resembles a greasy spoon the better  🙂  We were delighted to find that the Waffle House was good and the service was quick –  a much better option than ihop today for sure.

After a delicious breakfast we went in search of a nail place to fix a nail I broke yesterday.  We went to a place called Fancy Nails – seemed like something I’d like – and they took me right away.  Warren headed off for a haircut and we arranged to reconvene in an hour.  My nail technician was not talkative at all. Despite a couple of conversation starters like – ‘It’s busy here today’ and ‘YouIMG_7233.JPG did a good job on that broken nail’ I received exactly one grunt.  Then when I had convinced myself that I was invisible, he finished and said ‘$18’.  I was very surprised – for a full set of nails and polish in Guelph I was paying up to $60!  I handed him a $20 he handed me $2 and then effectively shooed me out of the chair.  It wasn’t very talkative customer service, but the job he did was great.

When Warren was done getting his hair cut – they also did a very good job – and we were adorable again, we headed downtown to take in the sites.  We went to the Johnny Cash museum first and it was great.  Lots of interesting info and items that he used to own – guitars, clothing, boots, a piano.  They even had a wall from his house that had burned down shortly after he died.  The museum documented his life really well and it was well worth our visit.  Warren also got his picture taken with Johnny Cash – which was super cool.

After the Cash museum we strolled up Lower Broadway  – it was just as busy and full of music as it was last night.  Every bar has windows that open onto broadway and they each have some sort of live music.  Some were great – there was a young woman singing and her voice made us stop and go back – she was covering a Dolly Parton song and she was fantastic.  Unfortunately there was a guy up the street covering Prince’s Purple Rain – Warren realized it before I did –  I could not guess the song until I’d heard some of the lyrics because it wasn’t great.  There was also a bad cover of Hotel California that someone was butchering, but aside from those two, the rest were pretty good.



We stopped at Ernest Tubb’s Record store – the oldest record store in Nashville – and it was like stepping back in time. The store was huge and had very high ceilings covered in tin.  The records were in bins in the middle and sides of the room and posters were all over the walls.  It was so cool.  Sadly, it reminded me of how record stores used to be (also, that there used to BE record stores) and made me feel old…lol.  But it was great to have a look around.

We continued on our walk, looking in souvenir shops and trying to decide if we really needed another pair of cowboy boots (no we did not – although… pink leather boots? maybe…) and eventually wandered back to the truck.  It was a great day – lots of people again, but really interesting things to see.

We hopped into Ursula and went to find the Grand Ole Opry – the new one – and have a look at that since we have a concert there on Saturday night.  It is HUGE!  It’s not just the Opry, it’s also a shopping mall and a boat tour and a movie theatre!  Not at all like the Ryman Theatre in downtown Nashville.  We will be going back to do a tour and some shopping one of these days but today we were ready to go find supper.

And what did we find?  What do we always find? BBQ!  Only this time it was at Eddly’s Bar-B-Que and it was, once again, fantastic.  This time we had ribs which were dry rubbed.. omg they were good.  Honestly, I could eat BBQ every day… which might happen – who knows?  We’re on Vacation, right?  🙂

Tomorrow we are going to do a tour but haven’t decided if it’ll be the Country Music Hall of fame, Ryman Theatre, or the Grand Ole Opry… so stay tuned!

Take care!


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