Was that the Georgia State line??

This morning we hopped out of bed and hopped into ihop (sorry, couldn’t resist), then headed off to Dollywood.  We arrived in good time, found a great parking spot, then took the train from the parking lot to the park.  So far so good!  We forgot two things though – People, and kids.  Both of these are in abundance at a theme park. But no mind! We girded our loins and went to buy tickets… that was the next hurdle – so… how much do you think it would cost two adults (before the exchange rate, I might add) to get into Dollywood?  well, with state tax it was $150.  Yes, that’s right $150. Warren and I looked at each other and considered heading back to the truck but dammit, it was Dollywood!  So we bought our ticket and  headed in.  But First I had to go through a bag check to make sure I wasn’t carrying a gun (I was not) and THEN we could go into the park.  We waded through a bunch of kids, and headed to the music hall of fame.

It only took about two seconds to realize it was the gospel music hall of fame, much to our horror.  Of course backing up and scrambling out through the crowd would again have been rude so we zipped through it in double time and ended up in the gift shop – full of christian paraphernalia.  While Warren tried on a tie with the thorny crown silkscreened on to it, I considered a cover for my bible… then we found the exit and did just that.  While the rest of the park was not as overtly christian, much of the music that played all through the park did have a christian bent.  I’m not sure why this surprised me but frankly, it did.

We went through Dolly’s tour bus and saw how she lived on the road. The bus was nice and had some interesting things – we got to see one of her wigs – but I was surprised at how small it really was. She also had them install a bathtub for her to relax in – it was absolutely tiny.DSCN0872

We then toured the Chasing Rainbows exhibit, which displayed many of the awards that Dolly has amassed as well as some of her wonderful dresses and costumes – it was really interesting.  She has some very elaborate dresses – many of them quite sparkly, all of them quite small as Dolly is quite petite. Then we headed over to the shops and looked at all the different things for sale – once again I was a bit spoiled by Warren who treated me to several pair of earrings and necklaces – I’m definitely going to have to get a jewellery case. 🙂

We walked through the whole park and by the time we were done we were very, very tired and ready to get back to the truck. It was a good day, but I don’t think we’ll be headed to Dollywood again soon.

Then we got going and decided to head towards Chattanooga and find somewhere there to stay for the night.  It was a beautiful drive through the smoky mountains and countryside.  We were driving along, talking and taking pictures when suddenly we saw a sign that said ‘Georgia State Line’ and followed by a large ‘Welcome to Georgia’ sign. What? We quickly pulled over and consulted our map and yep, we missed a turn off quite a while ago.  After a quick discussion we decided that we might as well visit Dalton, Georgia while we were here.  Well, ok we had never heard of Dalton Georgia before but it’s closest to where we were  🙂  We drove on and found Dalton which turned out to be surprisingly large – lots of hotels and restaurants.  We can’t wait to see what it looks like in the daytime.

So that was our accidental tourist adventure of the day – Georgia Via Dollywood … who knew?

Tomorrow we are heading back through Chattanooga to, well, maybe Nashville? But who knows, maybe we aren’t done with Georgia yet.  This is now our 5th state: Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and now Georgia.  Who knows where we will end up next?

take care!


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Sandy Kenyon

It has been a chaotic and heartbreaking year. But I'm climbing back out of this chaos, bent on carving a new path using all the things I have learned. Stay tuned for new stories :) I hope you enjoy what you read!

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