Little Red Corvette

One of the coolest things in Bowling Green Tennessee is the Corvette Museum and Plant tour and that was our destination this morning.  We quickly ate breakfast and zoomed down to the Corvette museum. IMG_0715It was amazing!  The museum had so many old cars and so many iterations of the corvette in its retail and racing forms – it was fascinating.  There was also a display of pictures and videos of the sinkhole that developed underneath the museum in 2014  and swallowed up 8 antique corvettes. They  managed to retrieve them all, but the 1963 corvette was the one with the least damage and is back in the museum being restored.

We then went and visited the manufacturing plant and took a walking tour of the facility.  The atmosphere in the plant was upbeat – the workers seemed happy in what they were doing – we saw many smiles and people chatting while they worked.  What struck both Warren and I was how none of the people on the assembly line were wearing steel toed shoes/boots or other obvious safety gear.  Many of them were in shorts and sneakers, and many people with long hair didn’t have it tied back. It was quite different than what you might see in a Canadian plant.

We saw many cars in many stages of being built and learned some interesting things, for instance how to tell the difference between the Stingray, the Z06 and the Grand Sport.  The Stingray is the base model,  the Z06 has an air vent behind the door and has a 650hp engine, and the Grand Sport is the same body as the Z06 but has the smaller 450hp engine. Our tour guide’s name was Billy and he is a retired Corvette plant worker – he was hilarious.   He was also very proud of the Corvette and it was endearing to see how much he liked what he was doing.  It also struck me, as I walked the mile long tour, what remarkable shape he was in for someone his age who did this more than once a day. By the time we were done my feet were very tired.

We got to see the cars built from the ground up and were there to witness the moment one of the finished cars set its wheels on the ground and came to life.  It was a very neat moment. Then we followed it through the water test and the road test and voila – a car is born!

After the tour we walked (very tired) back to the truck and set our course for Lebanon Tennessee.  What’s in Lebanon Tennessee you ask? Outlet Malls!!  Tomorrow’s adventure is Shopping  🙂

So now we have been in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee! Many miles travelled in Ursula – she is indeed getting her exercise.

Not sure where we are headed tomorrow after shopping – it might be Pigeon Forge Tennessee and Dollywood… but who knows?


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