Batter up!

We started the day by getting a couple of Happy Coffees to go,DSCN0767.JPG and headed downtown Louisville.  We strolled through the downtown, which is just so beautiful with restored old buildings and lots of interesting shops. We saw a Giant Louisville Slugger Baseball bat, a rook covered in blue glass and a limousine covered in red glass – turns out there is a glass maker in Louisville as well.  We went down to the waterfront and saw the Belle of Louisville which we were hoping to get on but it didn’t cruise up the river again until 7pm and we wanted to be on the way to Fort Knox.  Warren said that we’d go on the Memphis Belle which prompted me to ask – where’s that? Because he is a wonderful man he let me just work that through myself…(it’s in Memphis…).

After we were done down at the waterfront, we jumped back on highway 31 south and headed to Fort Knox.  We didn’t go right onto the base, but we did get pictures of the bullion depository with the black hawk helicopter circling above it.  It was very cool.

We then headed on to Bowling Green Kentucky via Highway 31 south and it was a beautiful drive.  The crops are starting to come up, the trees are getting leaves and there are flowers everywhere!  Warren kept encouraging me to take pictures to show you all back home…I’m sure he meant that in the kindest way  :).  Kentucky is a beautiful state and we were impressed with the number of huge farming operations and how far along the crops were.

Eventually we were in Bowling Green and, contrary to some info, we did not see evidence of any massacre…  😉  We found a hotel and while we were checking in realized that somewhere along the way we’ve slipped into the central time zone and gained an hour.  Once we checked in we went to Ryan’s Buffet for dinner – quite an experience.  It was pretty huge and there were many different types of people there.  I watched with fascination as one woman went from buffet table to buffet table putting food on her plate and then eating it as she stood there.  Warren pointed out that this saved time walking back and forth to her table to eat… a very good point.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Corvette museum and assembly plant – it’s going to be a very interesting day 🙂

Take care!



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  1. Loved this post! You of course know the Dire Straits song about the Louisville Slugger?

    Sometimes you’re the windshield Sometimes you’re the bug Sometimes it all comes together baby Sometimes you’re just a fool in love Sometimes you’re the Louisville Slugger Sometimes you’re the ball Sometimes it all comes together Sometimes you’re gonna lose it all

    Please ignore the last line. Not applicable in your case.

    Okay, I suppose gold is universally fascinating, but racing cars, baseball bats, corvettes? I want to see at least one girlie activity in your next post. And if you send me a picture of you putting make up on, I’ll drive to where you are and give you a slap!

    Loved the bit about the woman standing at the buffet table eating. Only in America (I hope !)


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    • give me a slap!! i like the car stuff and the baseball bat was very cool… explain what kind of girlie activities you need and i’ll try to fit them in 🙂 I mean, there have been some very girlie activities but i’m really not comfortable talking to you about them…lol 😉

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