Kalamazoo to Kokomo

Today was a great day!  We got off to an early-ish start (ok it was noon by the time breakfast was done) and headed south down I19 towards Peru.  Yes, there is a Peru, Indiana.  also  Mexico, Indiana but we didn’t go that far.  I’m getting ahead of myself though: after breakfast we left Kalamazoo without looking back; it wasn’t as great a town as we had hoped it would be – Maybe we expected too much from that name? Which, by the way, we googled and apparently Kalamazoo means water or boiling water – nothing to do with Kazoos at all which was my guess.

South Bend proved to be a little more interesting – Warren pointed out that it was a little like travelling back in time.  There are so many interesting old buildings and such a mixture of abandoned buildings right beside something that  was just newly constructed – it seemed much less orderly than we have in Guelph or Calgary.











Now, we had been doing fairly well with paper maps and Google Chrome, but after a bit of frustration with the paper maps and consumption of precious roaming data on my iphone (we call her the Rose Gold) we headed off to Best Buy and bought Ursula a boyfriend named Garmin.


Garmin has made things much easier – and now we always know which way is north.  This is important.  And I think Ursula really likes him, but only time will tell.

After South Bend we headed down I19 towards Kokomo via Peru, just because it was funny. On I19 we encountered many Amish in their horse and buggies.  It was kind of sad to see the horses who were very lathered and hot, but interesting to see yet another different way of life. DSCN0660

When we got to Peru it was an interesting town but again, much different than Sandy was used to.  Lots of different architecture, big homes that have been there for years right beside mobile homes – there zoning must be quite different than ours.  We did get caught waiting as the train went through town.  We were struck by the fact that the house across the track from us was so close to the train tracks – and the train was pretty noisy.


We got into Kokomo at about 8:00 – just in time to walk over to the Cracker Barrel to eat and do a little shopping.  It was an interesting experience – I had catfish and cornbread and Warren had chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes… luckily we’d eaten a whole vegetable tray during  the afternoon while we were driving because this was a pretty carb heavy meal.  After a quick peek through the gift shop at Cracker Barrell and an unsuccessful attempt to convince Warren that we COULD bring one of the Rocking chairs they had for sale there home in the back of Ursula, we headed back to our motel to bed.

Tomorrow we are heading to Indianapolis,  home of the speedway!

Stay tuned!






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