Challenge #2

Well, it was a long weekend filled with many rewrites and edits.  it always amazes me that this much effort can go into 1000 words… how on earth do people write novels??  Anyway, I have submitted my entry and as soon as I receive my confirmation email I will post the story here.   My prompts were:  Genre – Action/adventure (yikes!), Location – A volcano (why not?) and the object – a birds nest.  So far outside of the type of thing I normally write!  But it was fun.  It will be November 5th (ish) before I know how I placed in this round, but I’m pretty sure that since i bombed in the 1st round (well, didn’t make it into the top 15) I’d have to get 15 points and have many of the last rounds top contenders fail in order for me to move on to round 3.  Probably not gonna happen… just saying  🙂

But no matter what it has been a blast and I can’t Wait to do this again next year!

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