Sorry Linda!!!

ImageOMG! Laughing so hard I can hardly breathe! I was emailing pictures taken from my heart surgery from my phone to my computer. I found pictures of the scar immediately after surgery, and the scar was fairly impressive initially. I then thought, hey, I should take a picture now, 10 weeks later, to show the improvement. So I took two pictures of the scar that runs up from my cleavage (I always take two pictures in case one is no good) and emailed them to myself. Being a silly person I put ‘Boobs’ in the subject line – I knew what it would mean, after all I was mailing it to myself. While I was doing this I was thinking how I hadn’t talked to my sister Linda for a while and kind of absentmindedly thought ‘you know, i haven’t heard from my sister linda for a while… I wonder how she’s doing’… and so on. a few minutes later I was thinking ‘hmm the server must be busy, i still don’t have those pictures’… yeah. so mark it on the calendar, this is the day I sent my sister Linda some porn. I didn’t mean to. It was totally an accident. I”m just glad I wasn’t thinking of the youth pastor’s wife who is going to have heart surgery soon… I’d have to move. So. Those of you who do something silly today, I want you to remember this post. Then when you get mad at yourself you can think ‘Well, I didn’t do THAT!”…. sigh. Someone needs to set stricter parental controls on my laptop and phone..

Published by

Sandy Kenyon

It has been a chaotic and heartbreaking year. But I'm climbing back out of this chaos, bent on carving a new path using all the things I have learned. Stay tuned for new stories :) I hope you enjoy what you read!

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