I have a Date!

Finally after waiting for almost a year I have a surgery date!!  On September 13, 2013 I will be going under the knife.  Luckily I have always felt that 13 is a lucky number and, according to many, 3 and 9 are lucky numbers too so 13/9/13 is bound to be a great day for me  🙂

Despite having looked forward (impatiently) for a surgery date and the fact that I am pleased with the actual date (again: 13/9/13) I think I am kind of shell shocked.  Somehow when you wait for something for this long, the waiting becomes ‘normal’, a new part of your life.  Things go on and in the background ‘waiting’ is happening.  you go about thinking ‘Here I am, grocery shopping and Waiting’  or ‘look at me, watching tv and still waiting’.  it’s like your life is the opening act but the main event is backstage waiting its turn.  So when the call came: ‘Sandra I have great news! we have a surgery date!’  at first I was all ‘oh good!’  because I knew in my adult mind this was the thing we were waiting for – the opening act is complete and now on to the main event: Surgery!  yay!

After an hour or so, however, I realized that I was having Open Heart Surgery.  And I was having Open Heart Surgery in 16 days.  oh. my. god.  They are going to crack my chest open (good bye awesome scar-less cleavage!) cut bits out of my heart (the fundamental core of any human being) and then expect me to get up again and walk around.  I had flashes of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – remember the scene where Chevy Chase cuts into the over cooked turkey and it explodes open, the ribs flung obscenely wide?  well, somehow that’s what I’m picturing when I imagine me on the operating table.  Why I think i’m full of dry dust and, perhaps more oddly, shaped like a turkey I will never understand…  but that’s what was popping into my head.  So it has become The Thing I Talk About… a lot.  I find myself wanting to tell everyone ‘I’m having heart surgery’  and then watching them to see what their reaction is.  horror? pity?  fear?  Will their faces verify for me that this is a really scary thing?  So far I’ve managed to work the whole heart surgery thing into my conversation with the nurse who was taking my blood (necessary for my pre-surgery preparations), the cashier at Tim Hortons and my hair dresser.  their reactions were:  Nurse – oh? when’s your date?   Tim Hortons cashier – blank stare.  Hair Dresser – Well we want you to be all gorgeous for all the people who will be visiting you!… hmm…  apparently I’m not saying Heart Surgery with enough solemnity.  They should be bursting into tears and wringing their hands and offering me cups of tea (ok the Tim Hortons girl did offer me tea but I had actually ordered it from her so I’m not counting that one).  I expect more pity, more seats proffered,  more attention!   This is Big, folks!!  Heart.  Surgery.  Open. My. Chest. Blood. Rib Cage. Heart.      Sigh.

I had no idea I was such a drama queen.

Once the surgery is under way I will be on the heart/lung machine to keep things going, as it were, while good old Doc Maitland fixes up my ticker.  I was delighted to find out that the title of the person who operates the heart/lung machine is a Perfusionist (auto-correct wants to change this to percussionist – no.  that is not at all what we want to have happening…).   Isn’t Perfusionist a perfect name?  It sounds Elegant and graceful and beautiful somehow.  Even Anesthesiologist sounds kind of cool and important.  The heart surgeon though? He needs a better title… maybe Cardiocaretaker?  or Cardioengineer?  I don’t know.  Cardiologist sounds like archaeologist and this does not connote the same level of elegance and grace that Perfusionist or Anesthesiologist does.

So there you go.  Friday the 13, 2013 I will be meeting with my Perfusionist, Anesthesiologist and CardioEngineer (nope, gotta work on that one…) for what will be, undoubtedly,  one of the most memorable days of my life.  I don’t know if I will be inspired to blog more before surgery – I suspect I will become increasingly more introspective as the date draws nearer,  but I do know that it is unlikely that I will be blogging a lot immediately after my surgery.  But as soon as I can I will let you know how my most memorable day went  🙂

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  1. The sword lady is so happy you have such an auspicious date – blessed in the Land of Fey – where my writer’s spirit takes me each day as the new book unfolds. If you’re interested in fairy folk and forever promises, I’ll happily introduce you to marvelous characters where promises live. When you are ready, and if the adventure calls you, characters have an uncanny knowledge, a second sight if you will, about just what they need to flourish, so I will not deny them.
    Where time shifts and blurring ticks drift into lazy smudges on downbeat tocks. Let this time – the ticks and tocks – the harshness of the passage of time itself, slip into a gentler pace of ease and grace; a time for you. You are the Queen of this adventure. Wear a cloak of braveness over your dress fashioned from the woodland treasures from the country home you have made.Your move has rooted you in heavenly bits borrowed from magical healing lands somewhere off in the distance. Today on my walk a spider web caught my eye. I could be wrong but I thought I say your initial woven into the iridescent web. Philosopher or not, any thinker knows this means your are charmed. And so it is. Be blessed. Yvonne

  2. We all feel the same way. I’m glad you have started that account. Sounds like you will be in good hands on the 13th.

  3. If cardiologist makes you think of archeologist, you know that the next step is….Walter. How’s that make you feel? I always liked Walter – great story teller and smoker of cigars. Make sure that the ashes go in an ash tray rather than your chest cavity. Glad to be of support. And as far as Dad’s e-mail goes, there is always a way to get Euphoria chocolate to you. I’ll get right on it. You will do fine with the surgery. I assume that since you had to wait for almost a year, the archeologist has had lots of experience. Or, could it be that he was busy finishing med school? Who is our contact person going to be? We’ll want to know how great the surgery went


    • well, the cardiologist had a delightful english accent and the last thing he said to me is ‘next time you see me i’ll be in my pajamas!’ so he seems like my kind of guy 🙂 and during our discussion we found out he and the cardiologist who did my brothers heart surgery worked and trained together – and daves surgery went really well… so i’m optimistic. Thanks Kirsten. I really enjoy being facebook buddies and email buddies with you – I like having a big family 🙂 And it makes me want to get to know all of you – Nazir, Kathy, Tony, better. We’ve already started a ‘Going to Oregon’ savings account!

  4. Hi Sandy: Yes, it’s just around the corner. We, Kirsten, Nazir and I, we’re thinking we’d send you some Chocolates. We have a great chocolate store in town, but when I dropped in to arrange having a bit sent to you, they told me they don’t ship out of the country. I had put together a card to enclose with the chocolates, but since they won’t ship the chocolates, I’ll enclose what I had written, and find something later, that someone will ship. How do you feel about corn flakes? Anyway, here’s what I was going to say:

    Hi Sandy: We hear that surgeons are planning to do ferocious things to you in a couple of weeks. We expect you’ll have a good experience with a fine team of medical people, and will come out of all this wondering what you were worried about. So relax, enjoy some time you’ll have to enjoy a good book, and baby yourself a little. Take advantage of the diversions that only a herd of comic goats can supply. We’re all cheering for you ….your old Uncle Bob, your cousins Kersten and Nazir, all your friends and relatives on the west coast, and all the ships at sea. …..Much love to all our Canadian family.

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