Cats and Heart Burn…

This is a post from my Facebook Blog that i posted in april of 2010… just thought i’d move all my blogs to one place  🙂

ok, so whoever decided that it should be called heart burn missed by a mile. ‘chest burn’, or ‘killer death discomfort of the upper body burn’ or ‘please shoot me now burn’ – any of those are way more appropriate! I had a cup of vanilla tea before bed (about 9:45) and let me tell you, the searing pain is just waaaay more exciting than the term ‘heart burn’ describes. So I’m here, on facebook, while everyone else in the whole world is sleeping…


My barn cat Cinder is getting ready to have kittens. She was mooning around outside tonight and then dashing (ok, waddling) back to her ‘secret’ nest in the garage only to come out a few minutes later to see if we missed her. I followed her back to her ‘secret’ nest and moved an old rocking chair so I could sit there with her. She would sit comfortably panting and staring at me but if I got up to leave she would come waddling and meowing after me. So I sat for a while to keep her company.. no one should have to give birth alone. At about 9:00 I finally had to go in as it was bed time and sitting in a creepy dark garage after dark, shining a flashlight on a cat that seemed to be in labour while spiders and things crawling around me was less pleasant than you might think. But still no kittens had arrived. I felt her belly and watched her and she didn’t appear to be in any difficulty…I’ll let you know tomorrow what happened. despite my heartburn, I’m not ready to go crawling around the dark old garage looking for kittens at 12:45 in the morning. I’m still having fantasies about sleeping… actually sleeping without ‘upper middle chest death burn’. sigh.


Our cats are pretty interesting creatures – each has it’s own distinct personality. Gizmo is the old uncle – affable, cuddly and always ready to listen to your problems. Gets along with both dogs and has a sort of a cosmopolitan air despite living in the country. Giz asks to go out every evening and does a thorough inspection of the whole farm. It seems no matter where you go, Gizmo is there watching you calmly from under a bush or beside the fence. He’s never in a hurry (well, sometimes will zoom into the house at the end of the day) and always retains his dignity. In the evening when Don and I go for a walk, he is always about 5 feet behind us. If we stop to look at him, he flops over on his side in the gravel or grass and gives us a ‘are you silly humans about ready to call it a day?’ look. If we continue on our walk he patiently gets up and walks along behind us. I often wonder what the neighbours must think of this… inevitably we have Sadie, our Jack Russell terrier along as well and sometimes she and Giz walk together. It must look like we are setting out on the first leg of The Incredible Journey 😉


Our other cat – Minnie – is exactly that: extremely small. At 2 and a half years, she still looks like a 10 month old kitten. She is ‘special’ in that it took her 2 years to realize that there were humans in the house. well, she knew there were humans but wasn’t sure how to react to that fact. have you ever been to a dinner party where someone has committed some sort of minor faux pas and there is suddenly this silence… this awkward ‘oh my goodness… now what do we do?’ kind of tension in the air and the people try to get past the awkwardness by doing little things – perhaps suddenly chatting about the weather or laughing inanely about nothing? Well, that’s minnie. She has this look about her that makes you believe she JUST this second realized you were still in the room and she is not exactly sure how she should be acting. If you call her name she does nothing. If you pick her up she looks right through you. If you pet her or cuddle her she kind of goes limp and ‘thinks of england’. It’s the wierdest darn thing. I told Don I thought she was Autistic.

Yet when Gizmo comes in the house she greets him with animated Meows and will curl up with him and lick his face and hug him with her long spider monkey like front legs as if to say ‘I can’t believe you left me alone with them again!’. Maybe she’s racist and has a thing against humans? Sometimes she will come to Don when he calls her but that’s usually in the morning before he feeds them. Once he’s fulfilled his purpose in life (feeding the cats) he ceases to exist like the rest of us. He insists that she’s getting better and that she’s starting to come around… I think that after 2 and half years, he needs to accept that the little cat is a snob.


Our fourth cat – Kovoo – (I’m not sure if that’s spelled right: she’s named after the hockey player) is a tank. she is a normal sized cat but has thick thick fur that makes her look like a giant kleenex box with a cats face, tail and legs. She’s the most self sufficient of all the cats. She hunts mice like a pro and can be found prowling through the long grass at the edges of the garden. She frequently leaves little ‘presents’ on the front lawn much to my dismay. It makes mowing the grass an adventure at times; nothing like a decomposing mole run through the lawn tractor to really keep things interesting. Kovoo likes us humans in the way that most humans likes thier own pets: we are fun to have around, but largely life is centered on other things. She will come when you call her, will let you pick her up for a while but inevitably she wiggles to be let down and off she goes again on the hunt. I think of all the cats I respect Kovoo the most. She doesn’t lose her dignity by following us around nor does she pretend we aren’t there – she knows we have our place in life and tolerates us benevolently 🙂


1:00 and the heart burn is almost gone… thank god. Sleep, glorious sleep is before me. I’m going to be really tired in the morning but what the heck.. it’s only work, right? I’m sure I can sleep at my desk. If only I were a cat I could curl up on my ‘in’ box and snooze in the light slanting in from the blinds…


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